Zendurance Cycling
Serving Your Quest for Effortless Power

Zendurance Cycling offers you intelligent methods to ride and race your road or triathlon bike faster and farther with less effort, increased comfort and greater enjoyment.

As a triathlete, cyclist, bike fitter, biomechanist, technique coach and author, I have invested more than 5 years developing these methods and the Zendurance Cycling e-Products.

What can you expect?

  • Performance
  • Endurance
  • Efficiency
  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Enjoyment

That’s right: Performance and enjoyment! Endurance and comfort!

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Welcome to Zendurance Cycling!

I hope you enjoy this brief video as much as I enjoyed making it!

Let's Ride!

The day I did my first sprint triathlon, I set my sites on Hawaii Ironman... in less than 11 months! The long-distance cycling was agony!

Begin! shares my experiences of that endeavor, and the value of being a novice.

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Oh, by the way... I made some serious blunders on my 11-month “Road To Kona”. Let me save you the misery.

Endurance Training: Hard-Learned Secrets examines the insights that helped me get from “Burned Out and Bummed Out” to Ultra-Triathlete with USAT All-American Honors – self coached.

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Our slogan is “Serving your quest for effortless power.”

Here’s the secret: When you bike, run or swim, there is a force that is constantly available for you to use. It’s easier than generating your own force – and less injurious.

Kinetic Intelligence reveals the truth behind this intriguing term “effortless power”.

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Long distance cycling does not have to be miserable. Don’t sacrifice comfort for performance. It will not make you faster!

Bicycle Comfort examines three approaches to increase your comfort and improve your performance.

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Does your bike fit you as well as your shoes and clothes? It should fit like a well-tailored suit whether you race, ride for enjoyment, or both. It’s important for your safety as well.

Bike Fit Beta provides guidance on how to shop for and maximize the value of a bike fit.

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It takes more than strength, stamina and perseverance to enjoy riding and to race well.

Check out Cycling Technique Tips. There’s more to it than mashing and gnashing!

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Zendurance Cycling offers unique methods for improving your cycling performance, efficiency, stability, endurance, speed, comfort and safety.

Yes, you can have it all.

Find out more: Zendurance Cycling Methods.

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Our introductory Self Study Guide package is very affordable! It includes 7 e-books, 37 short videos and 28 Audio Guides that guide you to develop your cycling technique – perfect for your abilities and your goals.

Go to: Zendurance Cycling Products.

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Who’s behind all this? Zenman's Bio

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Find out about Zenman's latest endurance escapades: Zenman's Training Journal

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