Zendurance 2012 Triple Ultra

Three multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days, with minimal training.

I recently completed 3 multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days - with just 20 days of ultra training to prepare. (This endeavor culminated with the Virginia Triple Iron, 05-07 October 2012.)

I took on this 2012 Triple Ultra Challenge as an expression of what I call zendurance - the practice of mindful movement. I am certain that anyone can use this approach to neural-based endurance training and racing effectively for any reasonable goal.

small zendurance cycling logoUsing a zendurance approach you can:

  • Minimize your training volume and time
  • Minimize your risk of injury and your recovery time
  • Maximize your performance: Endurance, efficiency and speed
  • Maximize your kinetic intelligence

You can use this zendurance approach for personal benefit and for the benefit of the world around us. This was my true motivation for documenting the endeavor - to share the experience and reveal the healing powers within this approach.

small zendurance cycling logoI have now compiled a PDF e-Book to share the experience.

It Includes:
  • 14 Journal Entries that discuss in detail my approach, trainng and preparation
  • 3 Event Recaps that share my experience of each event
  • Beautiful landscape photos of the Catskill Mountain and Hudson River Valley region by Robert Fagan

Bob Fagan also designed the book.

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small zendurance cycling logoThe Complete Book:

Journal Topics include:

  • Early-season Olympic distance focused training
  • Neuromuscular specifics for swim, bike, run and strength training
  • The 20-day transition from Olympic Age Group National Championship to the first ultra
  • The 11-day training interim between the first and second ultra events
  • The 11-day training interim between the second and third ultra events
  • Nutrition
  • Bike modifications, and cycling technique and strategy for each ultra event
  • Recovery and return to training
  • Reflection and Postscript

2012 Triple Ultra

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