Benefits of Cycling Technique

Enjoy the benefits of cycling when you develop a dynamic and harmonious relationship with your bike.

This relationship is the essence of cycling technique. Have you ever thought of "playing" your bike, like a virtuoso musician plays her violin? Have you ever regarded your bike as an instrument? If you begin to approach cycling as an art you will enjoy many more of the benefits of cycling - including better performance.

small zendurance cycling logoAesthetics for Performance?

When you play your bike the way a virtuoso musician plays a fine instrument, you make beautiful music with the landscape you ride through.

This might seem ludicrous if you are a serious performance-oriented cyclist. “Play my bike? Hah! What a waste of time.”

Before you laugh this off, watch media coverage of a pro tour like Tour de France, or Giro d’Italia. These are the best cyclists in the world. They ride their bikes as finely-tuned high-performance instruments. They ride with precision, clarity, skill and focus.

small zendurance cycling logoThe benefits of cycling technique for road and triathlon when you “play” your bike like a fine musical instrument:

  • Ride safe
  • Ride long
  • Ride fast
  • Ride comfortably
  • Ride well
  • Breathe easy
  • Use less energy
  • Enjoy freedom from injury

Far beyond the bounds of road and triathlon cycling are BMX and trials riders. I find great inspiration in how far these artists have developed that dynamic and harmonious relationship between rider, bike and gravity. Check out this video of Flatland BMX! It will astound you!

small zendurance cycling logoTechnique Training and Energy-system Training

Technique training and energy-system training are compatible and synergetic. When your bike becomes a natural extension of your body, you can intelligently optimize your endurance, strength and speed, and still experience a sense of flow and enjoyment. The union of enhanced performance and enjoyment is one of the greatest benefits of cycling technique.

If you focus solely on producing a specific output each time you ride, then your rides are strictly task-oriented and may lack a sense of flow and enjoyment. I am not stating that you should eschew the tools of technology as guidance for your training. They are very effective!

Power meters, heart rate monitors and GPS units all offer measurable evidence of your energy-system training progress. But, if you integrate a technique focus into your energy-system training, you can use a power meter in conjunction with a heart-rate monitor to clearly monitor how even subtle changes in technique and focus affect your efficiency and performance.

For more discussion: Beyond Energy System Training, Kinetic Intelligence

small zendurance cycling logoCycling Technique and Comfort

Correct cycling technique is also one of three approaches to increasing comfort, eliminating pain and injuries - even if you are driven by performance. For more on this, visit Cycling Technique for Bike Comfort.

small zendurance cycling logoThe purpose of this page is to promote the beauty and aesthetics of great cycling.

You can use that pursuit of grace and beauty as a reliable form of navigation in your quest to be a better cyclist. The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides guidance for your quest. An important part of the Zendurance Cycling Method is indoor stationary training.

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