Beyond Energy System
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The methodical approach to developing endurance and speed is based on energy system training: In each workout, you target a particular energy system – usually by maintaining a specific heart rate for a specific amount of time. These prescribed heart rates correlate to specific zones of intensity – your training zones. This is the basis of heart rate monitor (HRM) training.

small zendurance cycling logoEnergy system training can take a lot of the guess work out of your journey to the finish line. It provides you with structure. It feels safe and gives you confidence.

Beyond the heart rate monitor, you can correlate specific zones of intensity to specific paces or power outputs: Use a GPS unit, or (on the bike) a power meter (PM) to correlate your energy system zones to pace or output. Energy system training – coupled with HRM, GPS and PM – provides excellent guidance as you strive to “locate” the perfect race within your body.

small zendurance cycling logoHowever, pure and strict energy system training is not the ultimate way to train. And, it's not fool-proof.

Avoid following your training program to the letter! If you are a strict slave to numbers, zones and instruments of measure you will disregard your body’s signals and intelligence. You will not realize your full potential, or experience the empowerment and joy of our wonderful lifestyle. This is true whether you are a professional elite or a weekend warrior.

Endurance training is a lot more than “pure science” and accurate numbers. Within each promising athlete is a human being. Human beings do not live in the laboratory, where science and numbers reign. Your life is not isolated, anti-septic and “lab spec”. Brilliant training is as much an art as it is a science.

small zendurance cycling logoThe energy system method of training and your tools of technology provide valuable structure to your training. Combine that methodology with your intuition for the most successful and enjoyable results.

Intuition and ingenuity allow for brilliance – your ability to respond appropriately and precisely to the specific conditions of the present moment. “Training by feel” enhances your scientific method. This is the key to excellence, health, longevity in your sport and injury avoidance.

small zendurance cycling logoHere are two books I highly recommend:

small zendurance cycling logoLearn to listen to your body’s intelligence so that your mind and body form a powerful alliance and begin to function as one.

(For more on this, visit Kinetic Intelligence).

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There is one more crucial element to consider in your training: Please visit Exercise Physiology Triangle to find out more.


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