Core Stability
for Stealthy Power

Pelvic core stability is essential for road cycling and triathlon.

This page offers a key technique to help you improve pelvic core stability on your bike. You will be more stable and efficient if you can keep your pelvic core quiet as you pedal.

small zendurance cycling logoPractice the “Almighty Standing Athletic Position” (ASAP):

  • Stand (off your bike) with your feet at hip width, parallel to one another.
  • Bend your knees slightly.
  • Hinge at your hips, keeping your low back flat.
  • Lengthen your spine from head to “tail”.

In these two photos (taken from one of the Zendurance Cycling Self Study Guide Instructional Videos), I demonstrate ASAP.

ASAP Front ASAP Side

small zendurance cycling logoASAP maximizes pelvic core muscle engagement.

Adapt this position as closely as possible on your bike and you will produce more power, be more stable and more enduring. To do this:

First: Practice this stance off your bike. Use a mirror to check that you are incorporating all the points listed above.

Second: Close your eyes and commit this position to your "feeling" memory.

Third: Get on your bike and use that feeling memory to find the same position (or as similar as possible).

Most importantly, make sure to hinge at your hips and keep your low back relatively flat.

small zendurance cycling logoMaximize pelvic core engagement as you integrate the benefits of ASAP into your riding positions.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides detailed instruction through text, video and audio guides to help you perfect ASAP off your bike, and to adapt elements of this position to your riding positions – both road and triathlon.

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Pelvic Core stability is the foundation of correct pedaling technique. To learn more about pedaling technique, start with this discussion on Cycling Cadence.

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