Eliminate Cycling Impotence

Here’s a way to eliminate cycling impotence, saddle soreness, and genital numbness - as you increase cycling performance.

Maximize your weight in the pedals, and minimize your weight in the saddle. This relieves the pressure on your perineum that causes numbness and cycling impotence. And, the more weight you keep in the pedals, the more force you produce and the faster you go!

small zendurance cycling logoYou can develop this ability by training on a stationary stand using the following drill:

  • Adjust your gearing for very high pedal resistance.
  • Pedal very slowly as you strive to unweight your saddle – barely contacting it.
  • Maintain your fore-aft and lateral (side-to-side) balance as you pedal slowly.
  • Keep your pelvic core stationary – no movement up and down or side-to-side as you pedal.
  • Minimize weight in your hands and arms on the bars.

At first, this is not an easy drill to do. Your legs will probably burn. However, this drill is not about raw leg strength. You must train your neuro-muscular system to coordinate a smooth weight transfer from leg to the other. It will get easier. (For more on Neuro-muscular training, go to Exercise Physiology Triangle.)

small zendurance cycling logoSome tips:

  • Remember to practice this at a slow cadence and high resistance.
  • Start with very short intervals.
  • Make your weight shift from pedal to pedal as smooth as possible.
  • Strive for minimal reliance on your saddle or your bars for stability.
  • Strive to keep your body from moving up and down.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides detailed guidance – through videos and audio guides – on how to develop this ability using this drill.

small zendurance cycling logoImportant note:

Your bike’s saddle must be adjusted correctly! If the height or fore-aft adjustment is incorrect, improving your technique alone may not alleviate genital numbness or impotence. Proper saddle selection is also a critical factor. For more on these subjects, visit Bike Fit Beta.

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Zendurance Cycling Methods offers more information on the methods employed in our approach and e-Products.


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