Elements of Cycling Technique
For Cycling Performance

Efficient cycling technique is based on a dynamic and harmonious relationship between you, your bicycle... and gravity.

Focus on 4 elements of cycling technique that affect your relationship with your bike to enhance your cycling performance, endurance, enjoyment and safety.

small zendurance cycling logoHere are four ways you affect this relationship:

  1. Posture
  2. Alignment
  3. Biomechanics
  4. Rider positioning strategy.

small zendurance cycling logoPosture refers to your overall body position. It starts with pelvic core and low back posture. Your posture – both on and off your bike – profoundly impact your mental and physical awareness. As you gain awareness of your posture when you ride, you will be more mindful of your posture off the bike as well.

small zendurance cycling logoAlignment is the element of posture that deals with our skeleton - specifically with your joints. You must align your joints with the pull of gravity. It starts with spinal alignment – that’s 23 joints right there! But it also includes the major joints of the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows and even your wrists. Joint alignment is critical to injury prevention and efficient power transfer.

Let's face it: Joint alignment is essential for living in your body!

small zendurance cycling logoThe overall benefits of good posture and alignment include:

  • A healthy spine
  • Good balance and coordination
  • Improved mobility and motor skills
  • Improved efficiency
  • Less chronic pain and fatigue
  • A functional, alert mind

small zendurance cycling logoThe specific benefits of good posture and alignment on your bike include:

  • Stability and control
  • Safety
  • Increased pedaling strength and efficiency
  • Greater endurance
  • More speed
  • Easier respiration
  • Greater enjoyment and comfort
  • Fewer overuse injuries

When you ride your bike, are you really aware of your posture and alignment? The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide guides you step-by-step to increase your awareness of posture and alignment on and off the bike. Several of the short instructional videos and portions of the e-books focus specifically on posture and alignment.

small zendurance cycling logoPedaling biomechanics is the neuromuscular coordination you use to turn the pedals – while you remain stable and comfortable on your bike.

The benefits of good pedaling biomechanics include:

  • Efficient power production, leading to...
  • Improved endurance and performance
  • Improved cycling strength and hill climbing ability
  • Improved stability, control and safety
  • A quiet, comfortable connection with your saddle
  • Reduced risk of overuse injuries
  • Greater comfort and enjoyment

You turn the pedals thousands of times every hour you ride. Have you really examined your pedaling technique? It is a very subtle and challenging pursuit. But the benefits of a smooth and efficient stroke (listed above) make that study worthwhile.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides you with videos and audio guides that assist you in your quest for the perfect pedal stroke.

small zendurance cycling logoRider positioning strategy refers to the “vocabulary” of riding positions you develop and articulate when you ride. In cycling – more than most other endurance sports – your performance and enjoyment are contingent on how well you cooperate with a piece of equipment... your bike!

Your bike must be an extension of your body as you move swiftly and gracefully over the varying terrain of your route.

small zendurance cycling logoThe benefits of a well-developed vocabulary of riding positions include:

  • Greater comfort and enjoyment
  • Increased efficiency and performance
  • Improved stability, control and safety
  • Improved strength and hill climbing
  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Increased endurance

How developed and defined is your vocabulary of riding positions? Riding positions consist of various combinations of bar and saddle positions, as well as pelvic pitch and low back profile. This may seem very simple and inconsequential, but subtle changes in your position affect muscle group use, biomechanics and all of the benefits just listed.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide thoroughly examines all of the elements of riding positions through the e-books, videos and audio guides. These materials support you in developing your unique vocabulary of riding positions.

Each riding position you develop has both advantages and drawbacks. Zendurance Cycling e-products provide detailed guidance on how to choose riding positions that maximize the advantages and minimize the drawbacks as you respond to specific conditions.

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small zendurance cycling logoAll of the elements we have looked at – posture, alignment, biomechanics and rider position strategy – appear to be minor and inconsequential.

They are indeed quite subtle at first. However, the benefits you experience when you focus on these elements of technique are worth the investment. Just ask any pro cyclist or triathlete!

You are reading this because you already ride your bike. Increase the return on your investment and the quality of your experience by exploring the subtle landscape of cycling technique.

Zendurance Cycling Methods describes the methods you can use to study posture, alignment, biomechanics and riding position strategy. Recently, I used these methods to complete the 2012 Triple Ultra - 3 multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days.

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