Effortless Power
For Endurance Sports

All endurance sports athletes are on a quest for effortless power. But how do you tap into effortless power?

First, you need to examine the popular notion that only pain and exertion will make you faster, stronger and more enduring. That's simply not true! Approach your training and racing with kinetic intelligence to maximize your efficiency and economy.

Second, you must use external forces to create forward motion, rather than generating your own force. There is a powerful force that is always available to you, no matter where you are... as long as you aren't travelling in outer space. That force is gravity – experienced as your body weight.

small zendurance cycling logoFor all endurance sports, use the force of gravity to move your body forward.

Your body can be a burden, or your gateway to effortless power. Instead of "flogging" your body, learn how to use your body intelligently as a "portal" for gravity in your chosen sports:

Cycling: Transfer your body weight from one pedal and to the other smoothly, while you remain stable and comfortable on your bike. See Zendurance Cycling Methods.

Running: Use your body’s weight to “fall forward” – all the way to the finish line – while diminishing the risk of injury. See Chi Running.

Swimming: Lay face down in the water and use gravity to move forward – even though you have a very limited ability to grip. See Total Immersion Swim.

small zendurance cycling logoIn every endurance sport, the secret to effortless power is your alliance with gravity - in a single word, your balance.

  • To improve your balance, strengthen and train your proprioception.
  • To execute each stroke, each stride perfectly, strengthen and train your proprioception.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides you with the guidance to improve your proprioception for road and triathlon cycling.

small zendurance cycling logoAre you ready to learn about Proprioception: Mind IN Matter?

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