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The most difficult challenge of training for my first Ironman was long distance cycling. Long distance triathlon cycling made me miserable.

It wasn’t the many hours of solitude – I enjoy that. But I was intimidated by the prospect of riding my triathlon bike for 6 hours: I experienced bike saddle soreness. I had hot spots on the soles of my feet, inside my cycling shoes. I had shoulder and neck pain riding on the aero bars. I also had pain on the outside of my left knee. These are some of the most common forms of pain and discomfort associated with cycling.

small zendurance cycling logoWhether you are training for your first triathlon, your first century ride, or your first Ironman, I promise you long distance cycling does not have to be miserable.

You can enjoy riding your road or triathlon bike for hours at a time – either with friends or alone. Allow me to continue with my story...

I was a rookie in my very first season. Hawaii Ironman would be only my third sanctioned triathlon. Triathlon cycling on a windy course, like Hawaii Ironman, requires that you ride in aero position for long, long periods of time. I was in agony riding in aero position, because I didn’t know anything about cycling technique or cycling endurance. I just figured a century ride required a lot of painful perseverance.

That was 1999. Since then, I have discovered...

small zendurance cycling logoThree Elements That Affect Performance and Enjoyment for Long Distance Cycling and Triathlon Cycling:

  1. Bike Fit
  2. Functional Strength
  3. Cycling Technique

As a result, the triathlon bike leg has become a strong suit for me! Now I enjoy the art of cycling! Check out this Zendurance Cycling Video!

If you are willing to patiently invest a little time and energy, you can spare yourself from the “velo agony” I experienced. I have produced a Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide to help you create a harmonious and dynamic relationship with your bike. Turn your velo agony into velo mastery. Long distance cycling and triathlon cycling can be comfortable, enjoyable and fast.

small zendurance cycling logoIt’s 2011 as I write this. I have now completed:

  • 6 Ironmans (2 in Hawaii)
  • 24-Hour Triathlon
  • Hawaii Ultraman World Championship
  • 2 Virginia Double Iron Triathlons
  • 2 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships (Netherlands 2008, Germany 2010)
  • 24-Hour Solo Mountain Bike Race
  • In 2011, I created a new event – the Shawangunk Double
  • Too many half-irons, Olympic distance and sprint triathlons to count
  • Update! Fall 2012: I completed the 2012 Triple Ultra - 3 multi-day triathlons in 30 days - finishing with the Virginia Triple Iron

small zendurance cycling logoHowever, my journey from velo agony to velo mastery – from “Turkey Tri” to Hawaii Ironman derailed 35 days before the race.

small zendurance cycling logoAdvance to:

Your journey doesn’t have to be as stressful as mine was. I’d like to share that experience with you: Training for Triathlon: Chronic Adrenal Fatigue.


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