Triathlon Motivation?
Kinetic Intelligence!

No inspiration? No motivation? No progress? No worries!

small zendurance cycling logoWhat’s the secret to triathlon motivation? Look to sports kinesiology for the answer:

The perfect stride. The perfect stroke.

The closer I get to the perfect stroke and the perfect stride, the faster I get and the longer I go! That's real, lasting motivation! It's kinetic intelligence.

I started running almost 40 years ago. Now, in my mid-50's, I may not as fast as I was, but I'm not going to roll over and give up. I am still progressing on a path of mastery. I am more efficient and more intelligent. That gives me all the inspiration and triathlon motivation I need to keep at it.

small zendurance cycling logoThe perfect stroke. The perfect stride. This is the ultimate quest of sports kinesiology.

But you don’t need a degree kinesiology to develop enjoy great success in your own quest. (And success is great for triathlon motivation!) I didn’t even know about sports kinesiology when I first began to study movement. I just called it “kinetic intelligence”.

small zendurance cycling logoIt all started with me, dressed in a bright red, one-piece long underwear “union suit”.

I was standing in the back row of my very first college dance class. Looking like a total geek in my long underwear (complete with a “trap door” in the back), I struggled to move my body gracefully and effortlessly – just the way my teacher did. It was a humbling experience, but on that very first day I discovered something stunning:

small zendurance cycling logo“Wow, I can actually think in something besides words!”

Kinetic Intelligence: Thinking movement - not words.

In the dance studio, it came down to pure survival: There was only one way for me to follow along and avoid a face plant on the wood floor: Shut down that little voice that kept yapping away in my head and think in movement, instead of words.

It's the same on the race course: It strips down to pure survival: That little voice uses too much energy. Shut it down and focus on perfect strokes, perfect strides. Focus all energy on moving forward.

small zendurance cycling logoTo race your best performance, you need to “think every movement” continuously, from the starting line to the finish line.

For 8 years, each and every day I spent 4-10 hours in the dance studio – alone, in classes and in rehearsals. I was pursuing kinetic intelligence. I went from the geek in red long underwear to a principal dancer with two modern dance companies. I was even offered a career as a professional dancer in New York City! Wow! (I turned it down - I'm just not a big-city guy.) However, my dedicated pursuit of kinetic intelligence really paid off later on...

My expertise in kinesiology enabled me to go from my "Turkey Tri": My First Sprint Triathlon to Hawaii Ironman in 11 months, despite my ignorance on how to train. Every day, I just focused on executing each stroke and each stride perfectly. That is my ultimate triathlon motivation! (My obsession with going the distance eventually led to Chronic Adrenal Fatigue.)

small zendurance cycling logoI attribute my success as an ultra endurance athlete – along with my relative freedom from injury – to my lifelong study of kinetic intelligence.

Triathlon motivation is strong when you discover mastery through kinetic intelligence. Training is not about flogging your body. That leads to injury, burnout and illness. You won't find much motivation there!

Using kinetic intelligence, I recently completed the 2012 Triple Ultra - 3 multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days. And I did it without injury, burnout or illness.

small zendurance cycling logoMotivation, success and enjoyment all require a brilliant body-mind union. Without a degree in sports kinesiology, how do you start?

  • Start with your next training session, with every training session.
  • From casual recovery to high-intensity intervals - focus on sterngthening and educating your neuro-muscular system.
  • Neuro-muscular training improves your ability to execute each stroke and each stride perfectly.
  • Neuro-muscular training compliments your energy system training,(See Crucial Element #3.)
  • Develop your neurological strength for the kinetic intelligence to go faster and endure longer.
  • Increase your efficiency, harmony, ease and serenity – even in the heat of battle! (This tenet from martial arts is so true for endurance sports!)

small zendurance cycling logoThe Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide provides guidance for neuromuscular training that you can apply to any existing energy system training program.

small zendurance cycling logoHere are some crucial “first steps”:

small zendurance cycling logoSummary: The perfect stride or the perfect stroke for this moment is the ultimate triathlon motivation. You don’t need a degree in sports kinesiology to develop kinetic intelligence. Focus on developing your proprioception.

Proprioception is the gateway to Effortless Power. When you pass through that gateway, you will find all the motivation and inspiration you need!

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