Zendurance Cycling Clinic Description

Attending a Zendurance Cycling Clinic? Get ready for an intensive investigation of posture, alignment, biomechanics and riding position strategies.

small zendurance cycling logoChallenging Your Perceptions

To progress along the path of mastery in any pursuit in life, we must challenge our perceptual capacity. Perfecting your dynamic and harmonious relationship with your bike and gravity is a subtle process.

Shane Eversfield guides clinic attendees through this perceptual process - maintaining the group energy focus. A key element in this process is the "Velo Studio" making these clinics popular in the winter season. The introductory clinic is held in a large open space - ideally a studio with mirrors. Each attendee works with her/his bike mounted on a stationary stand.

small zendurance cycling logoThe Foundation

Each clinic begins with a discussion of the principles of cycling technique, the challenges unique to cycling, and the precedence of neuromuscular training over metabolic training.

Next, we examine the Almighty Standing Athletic Position (a.k.a. "ASAP") and how it relates to stable, efficient cycling technique. We use the ASAP as a basis for comparing road and triathlon riding positions. After this off-the-bike discussion and investigation, we finally get to ride!

On the bike, Shane leads the clinic through an approach-focused warm-up that brings everyone to curious mindful attention. This is essential for the breakthroughs in perceptual capacity that lead to improved kinetic intelligence. The warm-up begins with an examination of fore-aft balance and an individual assessment of your bike set-up.

small zendurance cycling logoSingle Day Introductory Clinic:

The Single-Day Introductory Clinic is formatted for two sessions - each 2-to-2 1/2 hours in length - in a single day:

Session 1:
  • 15-minute presentation: The Basics of Efficient Cycling Technique.
  • 15-minute focus on Almighty Standing Athletic Position off and on the bike for maximum pelvic core stability and engagement
  • 20-minute warm-up with Saddle Sensing exercises and Fore-aft Saddle Positioning
  • 20-minute introduction to Yin/Yang Drill
  • 10-minute introduction to Ankling
  • 40-minute introduction to neuromuscular-oriented interval training with specific focal points
(Note: Times listed are approximate)

Session 2:
  • 20-minute review and rehearsal of morning highlights
  • 20-minute focus on Pedal Sensing exercises
  • 50-minute neuromuscular-oriented cycling-specific strength-focused session
  • 30-minute focus on Bar Sensing exercises and rider position strategies
(Note: Times listed are approximate)

small zendurance cycling logoFull Weekend Clinic:

The first day of the Weekend Intensive Clinic follows the format of the Single Day Clinic listed above. The second day's curriculum is flexible - responding to:
  • The level of the participants
  • Proportion of road/triathlon orientation of the participants
  • Outdoor riding opportunities
  • Access to a Computrainer Multi-Rider Studio

The morning session (conducted in the "Velo Studio") generally focuses on:
  • 40-minute review of correct technique-focused warm-up procedure, with Yin-Yangs and jumps
  • 20-minute exploration of riding position strategy
  • 40-minute neuromuscular-oriented interval training with specific focal points
  • 20-minute Advanced Sensing Exercises
(Note: Times listed are approximate. Curriculum may be revised if session is conducted in a Computrainer Multi-Rider Studio to use Spin Scan analysis)

The afternoon session (if conducted inside):
  • 30-minute warm-up with advanced Yin-Yangs and jumps
  • 60-minute introduction and focus on hill climbing technique and positioning strategy
  • 30-minute clinic wrap-up
(Note: Times listed are approximate. Curriculum may be revised if session is conducted in a Computrainer Multi-Rider Studio to use Spin Scan analysis)

The afternoon session (if conducted outside):
  • Parking lot focus on handling skills
  • Hill climbing skills, technique and riding position strategy
  • Clinic wrap-up
(Note: Times listed are approximate. Curriculum may be adapted to outdoor riding opportunities.)

small zendurance cycling logoTotal Immersion/Zendurance Cycling Combination Clinic
Shane also leads a combination Total Immersion Swim and Zendurance Cycling Clinic. He is prepared to design the clinic to fit your groups needs. Contact Shane for more information.

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