Zendurance Cycling Methods

Zendurance Cycling offers unique self-study training methods to increase your performance, efficiency, comfort, enjoyment and mastery in road and triathlon cycling.

small zendurance cycling logoThe Introductory Zendurance Self-Study Guide Package includes:

  • 7 e-Books (averaging 5,000 words each)
  • 37 Instructional Videos (ranging from 2-7 minutes in length)
  • 28 Audio Guides (ranging from 5-20 minutes in length)

For more details on the specific topics covered in this Self-Study Guide: Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.

small zendurance cycling logoTechnique Focus

All of these materials focus on road and triathlon cycling technique. Specifically these e-Products guide you through an intensive personal investigation of posture, alignment, biomechanics and rider positioning strategy.

For an introductory discussion on posture, alignment, biomechanics and rider positioning strategy: Cycling Technique for Cycling Performance.

small zendurance cycling logoBottom Line

With Zendurance Cycling, you begin this intensive investigation using your bike, mounted on a stationary trainer.

Now hold on! Before you run away screaming “No, not the stationary trainer!”, I urge to read Zendurance Stationary Cycling. This is a significant part of the "Zen Cycle" Methods.

small zendurance cycling logoApproach

Zendurance Cycling uses a “zendurance approach” to training, racing... and life. Your approach to training, racing, or anything in your life has a strong impact on the quality of your experience and the results you get. Find out about the zendurance approach at Zendurance: Zen Fitness for Body and Mind.

I cannot emphasize enough how profoundly your approach can empower you. I successfully used the zendurance approach in my swimming, biking and running to complete the 2012 Triple Ultra - 3 multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days, with minimal training.

small zendurance cycling logoAlready with a program?

Do you have a coach, or follow a cycling or triathlon training program? Find out how Zendurance Cycling Methods can enhance your current training: What Makes Zendurance Cycling Unique?

small zendurance cycling logoCommunity (Coming Soon!)

In the near future, Zendurance Cycling will invite, edit, mediate and post relevant forums and blogs – fostering a community committed to the pursuit of excellence – in cycling, triathlon and life.

small zendurance cycling logoAdvance to:

Don't be afraid! Stationary cycling provides you with an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and performance. Please visit Zendurance Stationary Cycling


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