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It takes commitment and perseverance to maximize the benefits of the Zendurance Cycling Technique Self-Study Guide. Here is testimonial from those willing to invest that energy:

small zendurance cycling logoIan Buchanan, Founder of Fit Werx, a premier bike fitting and retail service:

"In a Fit Werx Fitting, we spend a good amount of time using motion capture technology to show your cycling posture and to discuss technique refinement goals that would benefit you. However, we also know that this can be a lot of information to absorb at once and there is too much to cover in a session. For this reason, having a "study guide" book & video that helps you better understand proper cycling posture can be very beneficial.

"Thankfully, coach and bike fitter Shane Eversfield of Zendurance Cycling has taken the time to compile a very comprehensive video and web book on cycling posture and technique. We've reviewed what Shane has to say and agree with much of it and think his material is well worth consideration for any rider looking to better understand the “what” and “why” of proper cycling posture. It is all but guaranteed that you will ride more comfortably and faster if you use the techniques that Shane thoroughly explores in his materials. He even offers a really nice iPad app version of many materials..."

small zendurance cycling logoDavid Wilburn, Senior Instructor ChiRunning, ChiWalking:

"With the long awaited release of the Zendurance Cycling program Shane Alton Eversfield has completed a trinity that should be sacred to any serious multisport athlete. Here in New York Broadway performers refer to the triple threat as their ability to act, sing and dance. In the multisport world if there is a triple threat to energy waste and injury it is now fully realized with the adition of Zendurance Cycling. What began with Total Immersion (TI) swimming and ChiRunning (CR) is now made whole with the arrival of Zendurance Cycling.

For many triathletes, especially those relatively new to the sport it is likely that the arrival of Zendurance Cycling is an answer to their prayers. TI swimming, the veteran of the trinity has become the de facto standard for efficient swimming and getting triathletes to T1 with confidence-dare I say fun!? It is no secret that many triathletes are most nervous about swimming and Total Immersion, created by Terry Laughlin, has been the answer to many desperate prayers. With the introduction of ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer created an easy to learn means for triathletes to run efficiently with minimal energy expenditure and maximum injury prevention. As a practitioner of both (and a Senior ChiRunning Instructor) I consider them essential for multisport athletes.

For those faithful practitioners of these happy cousins who have wandered in the cycling wilderness looking for signs from the Velo Gods Zendurance Cycling is no less than Terma-a hidden treasure! I did not come to triathlon through cycling as many do, so for me the arrival of Zendurance Cycling is even more thrilling and I am happy to report, it does not disappoint.

For David's complete review, go to this page on his website "Type-Ten.com".

small zendurance cycling logoKatie Aldridge - Elite Marathoner and Author:

“I bought a bike. Not just any bike—I sacrificed my children's education for a sleek carbon, wicked fast tri-bike built specifically for me. Being a long-time marathon runner—not long-time as in it takes me a long time to run marathons, but long-time in that I've been racing and occasionally winning marathons for a long time. So long, in fact, that I finally admitted that it was time to switch gears, so to speak.

“I confidently expected to climb upon my saddle and promptly spin away a century with effortless grace. My first day with the new bike, after a few loops of the driveway, I was off. Two houses up the road, I was down. Several weeks and a few wobbly miles later, I conceded and bought Shane Eversfield's Zendurance CyclingTechnique Self-Study Guide.

“From the beginning, the presentation is engaging – emotionally and intellectually. Eversfield speaks to professional athletes and novices alike by incorporating phrases familiar to long-time athletes, as well as introducing new concepts, all the while effectively explaining their relevance and application specifically to cycling.

“Add to the well-written text the images, then the audios and videos, and little by little, as if by magic, bike and rider transform into a set of happy working cogs. The videos demonstrate subtle shifts in position and encourage solemn proprioception. The result is the disappearance of pain and increased comfort. When exercise is made more comfortable and enjoyable, it becomes more sustainable and an athlete has the potential to develop greater fitness.

“The thousands of miles that Shane Eversfield covered to reach the gates and pass through to "Velo-Nirvana" are obvious. There is no fluff in this project. Thankfully, Eversfield combined his athletic experience with a great willingness to share it into an extremely organized and well-composed guide, so that novices like myself have guidance while beginning the journey.

“When I began my running experience 13 years ago, I started by reading Arthur Lydiard. Now, beginning my cycling adventure, I feel fortunate to have found Shane Eversfield's Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.”

Katie Aldridge: Elite Marathoner and author of No Freedom Shrieker: The Civil War Letters of Charles Biddlecom.

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