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"With the long awaited release of the Zendurance Cycling program Shane Alton Eversfield has completed a trinity that should be sacred to any serious multisport athlete. What began with Total Immersion (TI) swimming and ChiRunning (CR) is now made whole with the arrival of Zendurance Cycling." - David Wilburn, Certified Senior Instructor ChiRunning & ChiWalking

“When I began my running experience 13 years ago, I started by reading Arthur Lydiard. Now, beginning my cycling adventure, I feel fortunate to have found Shane Eversfield's Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.” - Katie Aldridge: Elite marathoner and author

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solving the cyclist's dilemma

"Solving the Cyclist's Dilemma"

This booklet - with embedded video links - addresses the most fundamental elements of efficient cycling technique. Valued at $12, you can download this booklet free. Use the "Add To Cart" button just below. In the Discount Code box, enter "zencycle4free" (without quotation marks).

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small zendurance cycling logoThere are two versions of the Complete Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide Package. Both contain the same content:

  • Texts
  • Instructional Videos
  • Audio Guides

For a detailed description of the content topics included in the texts, videos and audio guides of both versions, go to Self-Study Guide Details

Reviews for the Self-Study Guide are found here.

Zendurance Cycling DVD

small zendurance cycling logoBefore You Purchase:

I strongly recommend that you carefully read the What Makes Zendurance Cycling Unique? 

Simply buying this material will not make you a better cyclist.  This is not a magic wand.  It's a guide to help you challenge yourself.  Be patient, persistent and consistent.  Commit to excellence - in cycling and in life!  

small zendurance cycling logoApple Device Version: This version offers a seamless integration of the text, video and audio: Simply “open” the book on your Apple Device and begin reading. When you reach a video panel, touch it to expand and view the video. The audio guides are integrated as well.

This version is divided and sold in two parts exclusively through iTunes. Price for each part is $39.99. Use this link to go to iTunes for Part 1. You will see a link there for Part 2.

The iPad version can now be used with almost any Apple Device with the iBooks app. That includes:

  • Any Mac Computer with OS 10.9 (Maverick) or later (Yosemite)
  • Any iPhone using OS6 or later
  • All iPads

  • You must also have an iTunes account to purchase this version.

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    small zendurance cycling logoUniversal Version: This version includes a “hard-copy” DVD, along with download PDF (text) and MP3 (audio) files. Use the PDF e-Book as the primary guide and you will be advised on when to view the videos and listen to the audio guides.

    When you purchase this version, you are given download links, and you provide your address for DVD shipping (USPS First Class for both domestic and international). Price for the complete package is $59. Postage is extra.

    The Universal Version will work with any PC. You can view the DVD on a CD ROM or conventional DVD player. The e-Book PDF file size is 14MB. The MP3 Audio Guides file size is 213MB.

    Purchase Complete Package (Universal Version) for $59

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    small zendurance cycling logoHave you already purchased the Zendurance Cycling DVD?  You can buy just the digital e-Books and Audio Guides for US $33.  Go to "Purchase Digital Only" below. 

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    small zendurance cycling logo2012 Triple Ultra

    Recently I completed the 2012 Triple Ultra - 3 multi-day triathlons in 30 days. I have compiled a 162-page PDF e-book that documents my approach, training and preparation, as well as my experience of each event. For more details, use the link above. Price for the PDF is $5.99.

    2012 Triple Ultra PDF

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    small zendurance cycling logoZendurance, A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes: Autographed for You

    This is my original guide for transforming aerobic fitness into spiritual fitness. It is a guide to transforming endurance athletics - particularly triathlon - into a viable practice for meaningful growth: physically, mentally and spiritually.

    Are you ready to improve the quality of your training and racing through the Zen approach of effortless power? Do you want to experience that same genuine clarity, compassion, and calm presence continuously - in your athletics, relationships, family and occupation?

    "Shane Alton Eversfield’s credentials include many years of multisport and ultra endurance athletics including many years training and racing in Kona, Hawai’i. I first heard about Shane through his first book Zendurance: A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes and consider it my personal Triathlon Bible (apologies to Joe Friel). In this book Shane addressed a spiritual approach to all three disciplines grounded in the Spirit of Hawai’i and the culture that triathlon calls home". - David Wilburn

    Zendurance Book Cover

    List price is $20. Buy it here for $18.

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