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Here is a complete listing of the topics covered in the Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide.

small zendurance cycling logoTexts: 7 downloadable e-Books:
  • Book 1: Introduction, Theory and Basics
  • Book 2: Joining With Your Bike
  • Book 3: Rider Positioning Part 1
  • Book 4: Rider Positioning Part 2
  • Book 5: Technique Training Guide for Stationary Stand
  • Book 6: Technique Training With Intensity
  • Book 7: Zen Wisdom for Velo Nirvana

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small zendurance cycling logoVideos: 37 instructional videos:

  • Video 1: Your Body’s Center of Movement (COM)
  • Video 2: Almighty Standing Athletic Position
  • Video 3: Universal Alignment Technique
  • Video 4: Your Bike’s Center of Movement
  • Video 5: Fore/Aft Explanation
  • Video 6: Light Hands, Relaxed Upper Body
  • Video 7: Hand and Wrist Positions
  • Video 8: Pad Width for Aero Bars
  • Video 9: Fore-Aft Pad Placement for Aerobars
  • Video 10: ASAP Next to Bike with Mirror
  • Video 11: First Position: Basics
  • Video 12: First Position: Focus on Pelvic Pitch and Low Back Profile
  • Video 13: First Position - UAT Focus
  • Video 14: First Position UAT Focus on TT Bike
  • Video 15: Aero Position: Pelvic Tilt Part 1
  • Video 16: Aero Position: Pelvic Tilt Part 2
  • Video 17: Aero Position: Upper Body Focus Part 1
  • Video 18: Aero Position: Upper Body Focus Part 2
  • Video 19: Aero Position: Shoulder Variations
  • Video 20: Seated Climbing Part 1: Aft Saddle
  • Video 21: Seated Climbing Part 2: Pelvic Pitch and Low Back Profile (TT vs Road)
  • Video 22: Seated Climbing Part 3: Hand Positions Road Bike
  • Video 23: Seated Climbing Part 4: Hand Positions Tri Bike
  • Video 24: Aero Climbing: Introduction
  • Video 25: Aero Climbing: Upper Body
  • Video 26: Standing Climbing: Fore-Aft Balance
  • Video 27: Standing Climbing: Lateral Stability
  • Video 28: Yin/Yang Warm-ups: Intro
  • Video 29: Yin/Yang Warm-ups: First Position
  • Video 30: Yin/Yang Warm-ups: Aero
  • Video 31: Ankling Introduction
  • Video 32: Ankling Part 2
  • Video 33: Ankling Part 3
  • Video 34: Climbing Cadence
  • Video 35: Bicycle T’ai Chi
  • Video 36: Parking Lot Play: Turning
  • Video 37: Bottle Hand-offs

small zendurance cycling logoMP3 Audio Guides: 28 downloadable audios:
  • Audio 1: Fore-Aft Balance Point: Standing and Seated
  • Audio 2: Fore-Aft Saddle Sensing: First Position
  • Audio 3: Saddle Silence: First Position
  • Audio 4: Fore-Aft Balance Point: Aero Position
  • Audio 5: Fore-Aft Saddle Sensing: Aero Position
  • Audio 6: Saddle Silence: Aero Position
  • Audio 7: Saddle Silence with Cadence Build
  • Audio 8: Saddle Silence with Resistance Build
  • Audio 9: Center of Movement (COM) Link
  • Audio 10: Bar Sensing Introduction: First Position
  • Audio 11: Bar Sensing High Resistance: First Position
  • Audio 12: Bar Sensing High Cadence: First Position
  • Audio 13: Bar Sensing Introduction: Aero Position
  • Audio 14: Bar Sensing High Resistance: Aero Position
  • Audio 15: Bar Sensing High Cadence: Aero Position
  • Audio 16: Pedal Sensing Part 1
  • Audio 17: Pedal Sensing Part 2
  • Audio 18: Pedal Sensing Part 3
  • Audio 19: Circular Path Pedal Sensing
  • Audio 20: Pedal Sensing: Loose Shoe Option
  • Audio 21: Cadence Building
  • Audio 22: Ankling Isolation Exercise: Intro
  • Audio 23: Ankling Part 2
  • Audio 24: Ankling with Intervals
  • Audio 25: Horizontal Pedaling
  • Audio 26: Knee Leading
  • Audio 27: Single Leg Circles
  • Audio 28: Yin/Yang Exploratory Introduction

small zendurance cycling logoThe 7 e-Books – collectively titled: “Zendurance Cycling Technique: A Path to Velo Nirvana” – present the elements and methodology for self-studying cycling technique. These manuals examine the myriad variables that you respond to in order to maintain dynamic harmony with your bike and gravity. They provide guidance for your personal investigation of posture, alignment, biomechanics and the development of riding positions for the road and triathlete cyclist. (And they do offer a little humor!)
small zendurance cycling logoThe 37 Instructional Cycling Videos on the DVD dovetail into the e-Book texts. Many of these videos were recorded in the “velo studio” on the stationary stand – your optimal venue for examining the subtle nuances of that dynamic and harmonious relationship between you and your bike.
In these videos, I demonstrate the Zendurance Exercises and Drills you will use in your investigation. All of the videos – both studio and outdoors – were shot at high speed, for enhanced image quality. In some instances, they are presented in slightly slower-motion for clarity.
small zendurance cycling logoThe 28 MP3 Audio Guides provide real-time technique instruction as you train on a stationary trainer. Some of these audios introduce specific drills, while others guide you through Sensing Exercises.
Cycling technique is a subtle art and skill. The Audio Guides will instruct you on how to combine mirror observation with blind training to develop your perceptive capacity – so vital in that dynamic and harmonious relationship between you, your bicycle and gravity.
small zendurance cycling logoThe purchase process will provide you with links to download the PDF e-Books and the MP3 Audio Guides. If you are purchasing the Complete Self-Study Guide Package, you will also be required to provide an address so I can send the DVD. For most international locations, expect delivery in 6-10 days. Payment is accepted through Pay Pal. If you don’t have a Pay Pal account, you can still use a credit card.

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