Stationary Cycling
Monotony and boredom? Or...

Stationary cycling can be a brilliant opportunity to discover the fine subtleties of great cycling technique.

The choice is yours!

The virtuoso musician spends many hours alone – practicing, practicing, practicing. Alone, in a quiet room – just her and her instrument. Progress and mastery require perfect practice and intense investigation. The artistic master rigorously challenges perception and skill before stepping on to the stage.

The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide rigorously challenges your perceptive capacity through intensive investigations of posture, alignment, biomechanics and rider positioning strategies.

small zendurance cycling logoMost of these investigations are introduced through stationary cycling.

The stationary cycling stand – coupled with a mirror for visual observation – provides a safe environment, free of the dangers and distractions you encounter on the open road. Your stationary stand and mirror are the only necessities you need to create your own “velo studio”.

The velo studio is a vital element of Zendurance Cycling Methods. For guidance on creating your own velo studio, visit Create Your “Velo Studio”.

small zendurance cycling logoTrumping the Monotony

When you are truly focused and engaged – challenging your perceptive capacity as well as your aerobic capacity – there is no space for boredom or “auto pilot”. The time flies by.

small zendurance cycling logoCold, dark winter months can be a cyclist’s blessing!

I moved from Kona, Hawaii to Lake Placid, New York. The lakes are frozen 5 months of the year. Sure, I ride an ancient, rigid fork mountain bike outside all winter. I’ve ridden short distances in blizzards and sub-zero weather – to minus 30 degrees. But indoor stationary cycling is a fact of life in northern New York. And for me, it is a blessing!

Perhaps you live in a place of perpetual summer – a cyclist’s paradise. Why would you ever strap yourself to a stationary stand indoor?

Many elite triathletes and road cyclists conduct their all-important interval workouts on the stationary stand – even when the weather is ideal.

small zendurance cycling logoIt's Intense!

While it certainly has its limitations, stationary training offers an ideal venue for intensive investigation... and intense intervals.

If you are investing hours a week bolted to your stationary stand, you have a choice:

  1. Junk miles and boredom
  2. Intense focus on measurable output through structured workouts
  3. Deep inner focus and discovery
  4. Both B and C

Get the most out of every cycling session! Focus on your technique whether you’re spinning easy or cranking out the watts.

small zendurance cycling logoTake it to the road!

Stationary training is the ideal way to begin your quest for velo mastery. You can learn a lot in a short amount of time. But...

We live to ride outside, not clamped to a stand! Take the intelligence, skills and the fitness you develop in your velo studio out on the open road. When you do, the great posture, alignment, biomechanics and rider positioning strategy you developed and imprinted in the studio will go with you.

Out on the road, you will continue to use the focal points provided with the Zendurance Cycling drills and exercises you did while stationary cycling. The focal points are your bridge from skills development to the “real thing” - riding. For more info on this, go to Focal Points: The Bridge From Drills to Mastery.

Most importantly, you will return to the road with well-developed perceptual awareness. In spite of the many distractions and added challenges you encounter on the open road, you ride with more efficiency, stability and mastery.

small zendurance cycling logoInside-Outside

  • Study and train inside.
  • Ride and race outside.

This “inside-outside method” will improve your performance, increase your endurance and enhance your comfort and enjoyment.

Stationary cycling is a golden opportunity. The Zendurance Cycling Self-Study Guide will inspire you to transform stationary cycling from mindless drone to mindful discovery.

small zendurance cycling logoAdvance to:

The real key to improvement in cycling (and any area of life) is to increase your awareness by challenging your perceptive capacity. To find out more: What Makes Zendurance Cycling Unique?


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