Zenman's 2013 Training Journal: 11 November

small zendurance cycling logoMonday, 11 November

Update for: 2013 One-Two-Three: 3 Events, 3 Causes

In the last two Entries 29 October: The 2013 One-Two-Three: 3 Events, 3 Causes, and 03 November: Update for: 2013 One-Two-Three: 3 Events, 3 Causes I shared my vision and ongoing preparation to run a single marathon, a double marathon and a triple marathon in 14 days as a response to three diseases that devastate mobility and life:

  • MD (Muscular Dystrophy Association)
  • ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association)
  • MS (Multiple Sclerosis Society)

The events:
  • 17 November: Philadelphia Marathon
  • 23 November: JFK 50-Mile Ultra
  • 28 November: NCR Trail Marathon course (self-supported)
  • 29 November: NCR Trail Marathon course (self-supported)
  • 30 November: NCR Trail Marathon (actual event)

I will add 2.4 miles to the JFK 50-Mile (to make it a double marathon). Then, after 4 days of recovery, beginning on Thanksgiving Day, I will “run” the NCR Trail Marathon on 3 consecutive days - the third day being the actual event.

Your Opportunity to Contribute

I invite you to contribute between $10 and $30. All the money collected will divided equally between the three foundations listed above. I have set up a Pay Pal account exclusively for contributions: shane.eversfield@gmail.com. If you donate at least $10, I will gift you with my 131-page PDF book ”2012 Triple Ultra Challenge” chronicling my training and racing experiences last year completing 3 multi-day ultra triathlons in 30 days - culminating with the Virginia Triple Iron.

Contributions to date are $265.00. Thanks to all who have contributed!!

The Dental Factor

In the previous Entry, I summarized my training/preparation for the “One-Two-Three” through Saturday, 02 November. At that point, I had been dealing with a tooth ache for 7 days, and had been to the dentist to confirm through an X-Ray that I had some infection around the root of a tooth that is already crowned. Prognosis: Root Canal (around $1,000) or extraction. I had until Wednesday, 06 November to decide... or to heal it on my own.

Training Update

Sunday really felt like winter for the first time this year - and on the first day of the winter time change. I headed out for a run in the 5-Fingers on trails and grass around my favorite scenic “haunts” on the Cornell Campus. I enjoyed the first snow flurries of the season! I finished with 6 short hill repeats. Total time: 75 minutes. I felt some soreness in my left calf.

I spent most of the day doing house work and office work, and ran again in the evening - again feeling a burning in my calf. I made the decision during that run not to run on Monday. For the past two weeks, I had run 3+ hours on both Monday and Tuesday. Of course my logical mind wanted to maintain the pattern and even increase the duration of each run. However, I have already learned that effective and sustainable training absolutely does not and can not follow a logical construct. That is simply not the way bodies adapt.

“Mind over matter” leads to injury. Mind IN Matter honors the brilliant intelligence of the whole being.

I swam easy for 45 minutes Monday, and massaged my calf while sitting in the steam room. The most significant development Monday: The pain in my tooth was really beginning to subside. My immune system was healing the infection! I cancelled my dentist appointment.

Tuesday, I arose early and headed for the trails at Robert H. Treman State Park. Here, I run loops of very hilly and fairly technical trails - each loop takes about 1:20. I can carry just one hand-held bottle and refuel after each loop. I run in the 5-Fingers - necessitating vigilance with each step to avoid injuring my feet. Temp for Tuesday was low 30’s, partly cloudy. Autumn was still hanging on - copper and brown.

Robert H. Treman State Park

My calf felt better! Granting just one day of rest was successful! I ran just over 5 hours. In the evening, I swam 20 minutes, and steamed 15 minutes (massaging my calf) before leading Swim Mastery.

Wednesday began with my usual early-morning 70-minute Pilates-yoga session before working at the Green Star Co-op Bakery. Midday, I ran 35 minutes very, very easy on flat terrain. I swam 20/steamed 15 before leading Swim Mastery in the evening.

Thursday - cool and drizzly - I started with a 90-minute run in the 5-Fingers. Like Sunday, I ran grass and trails around Cornell, this time through the Arboretum as well. I did this run “no fuel” - ingesting no calories before or during the run - to maintain the metabolic fat-burning ability. After a 30-minute break at home (for a smoothie), I headed back out in the New Balance Road Minimus, with my jump rope coiled up in hand. I ran to the Cornell track and mixed drills and jump rope with some easy running and some strides. Total time for this second run: 85 minutes. For the day: 2:55.

Again, I swam and steamed before leading Swim Mastery in the evening.

Friday - cloudy, cold and windy - I rode 20 minutes to the Cornell track with lots of water and some Hammer Perpetuem. I ran 5 X 4-mile repeats on the track: First 3 miles of each interval at ~ 9:55 mile-pace and the 4th mile at ~ 9:20 pace. I ran one lap really easy between each repeat. Total mileage, with warm-up and cool down: 22 miles. No problem. The weather warded off any monotony. Cold, blustery with a few snow squalls.

Saturday, I rose very early for Pilates-yoga and taught a private swim workshop all day at Island Health and Fitness. I swam a 20 minute set with my client. And, of course, we steamed!!


Total running time for the week: 14:15 - that’s 1:15 longer than the previous week. And with no injuries. My patience on Monday paid off! I have learned: Honor and trust the intelligence of the body. It offers far better training guidance than logic and numbers.

Mind IN Matter!


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